Synopsis: If there’s one thing guaranteed to lighten your mood after a stressful day at work, it would be the sight of Tracy Lindsay waiting to offer you solace! Lorena is delighted to shrug off the frustrations of her day and let Tracy take care of her, kissing her tenderly and removing her smart office attire. When Tracy has Lorena deliciously naked, she lavishes attention on her sensitive nipples, then kisses her way down to Lorena’s sweet pussy. She finds her girlfriend exquisitely responsive, each skilful stroke of her tongue eliciting a gasp and a quiver of pleasure. Sliding her fingers inside Lorena’s juice-slick pussy and tonguing her pretty puckered asshole, Tracy drives her to feverish excitement. Lorena sits on Tracy’s face, rocking her hips to ride out the sensations, then goes on all fours to get her ass eaten again. Once her urgent need for release is sated, Lorena takes her time to undress Tracy and explore her beautiful body, tongue and fingers whipping her up into a frenzy of arousal. When Lorena slides a wet finger into Tracy’s tight asshole, Tracy’s climax tears through her like a tornado. The girls finish in a mutually orgasmic sixty-nine. Exceptional chemistry and erotic communication between this superstar pair make this an absolute must-see!

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