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Czech Couples 10

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Have you ever seen a fan made of 1,000 banknotes? My sweetheart was using it to fan couples on streets and was lurking them to our place. 30 grand! They’re yours – just show us how you fuck. An irresistible offer. A n...

Czech Couples 9

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We’ve never seen this before. You’ll go berserk. My smart wifee spotted an elderly couple by a supermarket. The guy is retired and his nice wife will be as well in no time. They had set off to hunt some discounts, as ...

Czech Couples 8

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It was quite extreme today. Despite the beginning that really sucked. But how about the end? It couldn’t be more hard core! We invited a Czech couple for a cup of coffee, but when the decisive moment came, they told u...

Czech Couples 7

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Money indeed rules the world! You just rustle with green papers and everything else falls into oblivion. Including love and faithfulness that lasted for so many years. My shameless partner and I caught a lovely couple...

Czech Couples 6

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We launched another frontal attack on Czech couples. We imposed a blockade on a metro station and my beautiful wifey was sent out as a bait. This girl is full of personal magic – the first couple was trapped as soon a...

Czech Couples 5

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My ever-humpy sweetheart had a brilliant idea – to hunt our prey at the Main Train Station. She’s a smartie. We stumbled upon a young couple from Moravia that just arrived to the capital to find work. A stunning dark-...

Czech Couples 4

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The beginning was less than promising. We came across an array of unapproachable and uptight couples. It sucked. We were about to call it a day when we met a very promising couple. She was a blondie with huge boobs an...

Czech Couples 3

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It rains like hell. It’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. Only a birdbrain would refuse to stay cosy and warm home and watch the TV. But Kristyna and I were humpy as never before. We grabbed our cam...

Czech Couples 2

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This hunt was a thrill! Kristyna and I approached a Czech couple on the street. A dark-haired stunner and her lover – quite a stiff guy, but willing to accept our offer. Three thousand for a blowjob with a happy end i...

Czech Couples 1

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Here we go. The first hunt on Czech couples is on! My partner Kristyna and I set to the streets with the camera turned on. We approached young and likeable lover couples in the streets of Prague and took them in with ...

Czech Amateurs 79

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Czech Amateurs 78

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Czech Amateurs 77

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Czech Amateurs 76

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Czech Amateurs 75

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Czech Amateurs 74

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Czech Amateurs 73

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Czech Amateurs 72

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Czech Amateurs 71

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Czech Amateurs 70

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Czech Amateurs 69

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Czech Amateurs 68

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Czech Amateurs 67

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Czech Amateurs 66

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Czech Amateurs 65

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Czech Amateurs 64

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Czech Amateurs 63

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